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Artistically I prefer working with the medium's polymer clay and air-drying clay; making sculptures and miniature models is a passion of mine; Working with my fingers and hands, squeezing, and teasing out the clay, blending in forms, slipping the edges, it feels natural and earthy.  

I find it exciting bringing form to a block of clay, when a sculpture emerges in your palm, a physical representation of your ideas or inspirations. I use various stages of drying to carve details, adding depth and intricate detail. Each medium requires different approaches, polymer clay can be challenging because it is important to keep your hands cool while creating friction on the material, whereas air-drying clay is sensitive to moisture and the loss of it too quickly will lead to cracking or even breaking. 

I have an assortment of interesting tools that allow me to create shapes that cannot be achieved by finger work alone, sharp detailing, piercing edges and deep hollows add essential depth and realism to my art, I take my time paying attention to its form and colours in polymer clay. 

I always consider stability, strength, and weight, I use various supporting skeletal forms to make otherwise impossible configurations. I also try and minimize weight and thickness as this can interfere with stability and drying times. 

If I have used air-dried clay and I’m happy with its form I will seal the clay and give it a base coat, I will then start building up layers of pigment, taking notice of ridges, peaks and hollows I will apply shade or highlight to maximise its overall effect, once permanence is achieved I seal the topcoat to add durability. 

Polymer clay is much simpler than air-dried clay, but you must be satisfied with your choice of coloured clay mixes to achieve the desired representation of your product, then once this is achieved harden your miniature in the oven. 

I would love to explore my darker fantasies, terror, horror or the macabre in clay, I look forward to future projects with subjects like wiccan, paranormal, death and the supernatural. As I build up my working skill, I will become more adventurous but fear not, I love celebratory seasons and all things sweet and enduringly cute. 

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