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Stacey Harding
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Artist Statement

Over the years I have been hugely inspired by Renoir, Van Gogh, Salvador Dali’s “Persistence of Memory” and Edward Hopper’s “Morning Sun.”  

Planning what I want to paint can take weeks, sometimes months once I have chosen a subject. I will research it over many hours, looking at different perspectives and details, collating images, photos, and information. This can include other Artists works and studying how they have completed their piece. 

After selecting a canvas size, I use software tools with the chosen image to ensure correct alignment of my sketch on canvas. Then I will sketch the key details that suggest the subject I want to reference. 

Applying the right ground paint is important to building up the composition. I think of light, dark a lot, and try to imagine how light reflects in the Artwork. I need the right feedback from the Artwork itself as I build up the layers. 

I do not always stick to the sketch on the canvas as the painting process can often take on a life of its own. This usually leads to adding in extra detail or when necessary, removing some. Light and dark are always kept in mind as I slowly build up the picture. Adding depth is an important feature in my work. 

I often photograph the artwork as I am completing passages so that I can look back at the progress when I am not in-front of the work. I find this time away from the studio to view the composition with a different eye extremely useful. 

I ask family members, friends, and other Artist’s to give me feedback whilst the work progresses so that I can benefit from their insights and opinions. 

Walking away from the Artwork in the final passages can be incredibly challenging but I do not think I am the only artist that suffers from this frustration, once again family often comes to the rescue. 

I work with many different mediums, each one having their benefits and drawbacks. I do not want to limit myself to a specific style or medium and use my gut feeling to produce the best work I can. In most cases however I will turn to Acrylic. 

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