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Artist Statment

For the longest time I have loved patterns, like those magical kaleidoscope telescopes you played with as a child, the complexity and variety of shapes and colours, which has always tied in with one of my other passions, numbers. 

The mathematical problem solving of patterning has always fascinated me and along with knitting and crocheting has been fundamental in my life, ever since infant school where I learnt to knit, crocheting coming later on. 

Balls of wool and skeins are like sweeties for me, I can’t get enough of them, the variety and colour is almost limitless, and you can make so many useful household furnishings from them so easily, but don’t be fooled every stich was counted and every pattern mathematically calibrated. 

I love challenges especially mathematically, so I look for new techniques to master, but’s not all geometry and sequencing, I love the empowering feeling of wearing my own bespoke item or decorating my home with traditional arts and crafts textiles just like William Morris, English Textile designer. 

So, in short I now live in Rothesay, Isle Of Bute and I work out of our studio at home doing what I love and you’re invited to come over and chat or commission me for your own crocheted needs. 

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