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Introducing the adorable Nimue Knot Hippopotamus plush! This charming crochet creation is perfect for all ages, with its soft and cuddly design making it the ideal companion for both playtime and naptime. Crafted with attention to detail, this lovable hippo features a unique knot design that adds a touch of whimsy to its appearance. Whether placed on a shelf as a decorative piece or snuggled up in bed, the Nimue Knot Hippopotamus is sure to bring joy and comfort to anyone who meets it. Add this delightful plush to your collection and experience the magic of handmade, cuddly craftsmanship.

Measuring 38h x 29w x 13.5d cm


Two-three week lead time.

Nimue knot Hippopotamus

SKU: Nimue000001
VAT Included |
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