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Introducing the Wei Lan Panda plush, also known as the Great Mountain Mist Panda! This adorable and cuddly panda is ready to bring joy and comfort to anyone who loves pandas.

This adorable plush panda features the signature black and white fur of the beloved panda bear, perfect for cuddling and snuggling. With its soft, huggable body and lifelike details, this Wei Lan Panda is sure to become a favorite companion for children and animal lovers of all ages. Whether you're a fan of these beautiful creatures or just looking for a cuddly and unique gift, this Wei Lan Panda plush is sure to delight. Bring a piece of the Great Mountain mist into your home.

Measuring 34.5h x 24.5w x 14d cm


Two-three week lead time.

Wei Lan Panda

SKU: WeiLan000001
VAT Included |
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